Courage - Hope - Respect

‘Everything is possible for one who believes’ Mark 9:23

Attendance Award winners for the week ending 10/05/24 in KS2 was Dolphins with 99.48%, in KS1 was Penguins with 97.92%

Welcome to St. George’s Beneficial Primary School

St George’s Beneficial CE Primary School is a thriving mainstream school for children aged 3-11 years. We provide exceptional teaching, excellent pastoral care and are incredibly proud to be a Christian school. Our distinctive Christian vision underpins our aspirations for our community. This inspires us to live out our lives with Courage, Hope and Respect.


“We want our children to learn the skills to achieve in life. These include:- Problem solving, Reasoning, Communication, Self-awareness, Managing feelings and Motivation.”


“Our children have goals to achieve. We want them to make the best of their skills and talents.”


“Our children develop belief not only in themselves but in their faith.”


“When we have the skills and belief in place and the goals are achievable we gain success. We want all our children to succeed.”

A Unique History

In 1755, Portsmouth’s famous Charity School opened, affectionately referred to as ‘Old Benny’. For nearly 200 years, it taught the children of the poor in Portsea, where the Beneficial Society, which founded the school, brought a touch of colour into their drab existence. This building remains in Kent Street; now Groundlings theatre company.

The Education Act of 1870 meant many Board Schools were being erected in the Portsmouth area absorbing the children of all classes of residents. The Beneficial Society continued to support the school until 1933 when the society found itself out of date and so dissolved. The school became the responsibility of the Local Authority and continued until 1939 when the Second World War forced the evacuation of the children to safer areas. In September 1940 the school became a junior school, serving the area till 1962 when it transferred to the present site.

In 2015 St George’s Beneficial School had a ‘make over’. We had a grand opening with Hugh Dennis cutting a tape for us. (See the photos below from our grand opening).

Our library was positioned centrally in an airy purpose built area which will includes multi media resources. The music and drama room moved to the west hall and has specialist seating for audiences to enjoy our performances and concerts. The food technology room was repositioned and enlarged to become a specific learning area for food technology, science and art. The garden alongside encourages wildlife through different environments but also have beds for growing food. Our new office area includes a conference room to accommodate meetings.

This vastly improved the facilities and increasing our capacity. We now have 14 classes with 50 pupils in a year group.


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