Inspection Report Summary

19th - 20th November 2014

This is a Good School

Pupils’ attainment is average in reading, writing and mathematics by the end of Year 6. Pupils make good progress given their starting points, which are below national expectations.Good teaching over time enables pupils across the school to achieve well. Teachers organise and manage lessons well and make excellent use of resources to engage and interest pupils. This helps them to learn effectively.Effective provision in the early years means that children settle down quickly, are keen to learn and make good progress. Thorough regular checks on pupils’ progress enable the school to quickly identify any pupils falling behind and provide the help needed to make sure they catch up.The school is a very caring, supportive community where pupils’ welfare is paramount. Consequently, pupils feel safe, behave well and are kind and respectful towards each other and to adults.The headteacher provides strong, dedicated leadership. She is very ably supported by her deputy headteacher and assistant headteacher, middle managers and governors.Together, leaders and governors make a formidable team that has enabled the school to maintain good provision for its pupils in spite of building works and high pupil mobility.Outstanding enrichment activities, such as ‘Commonwealth Games Week’ and the ‘Silent Movie’ project, support pupils’ personal and academic development extremely well.

This is not yet an Outstanding School because:Teachers do not sufficiently encourage pupils to benefit by engaging as fully as they could during lessons, or by responding to feedback.In mathematics, pupils are not encouraged enough to solve practical problems or investigate number patterns.Staff in the early years do not plan a wide enough range of outdoor activities for the children.Senior leaders do not always set clear and measurable targets for key school improvements.